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Congratulations Des George - Geelong's 2014 Father of the Year

Congratulations to Des George who was announced as the 2014 Geelong Father of the Year award on Friday 5th September.

Des was nominated by his nine year old daughter Nicola Rivo-George.  Nicola told us about how her Dad cheers her on at basketball, how he gets her ice-cream, he helps her with her achieve all her goals, he tries to keep her healthy all the time, he lets her go and play with her friends so she doesn't get bored and he takes her overseas for holidays.  He also helps her to practise her basketball, her swimming and piano and he encourages her to practise and practise her sport.  He is very kind and considerate, he always loves her and cares about her and he has helped her through hard times now that her Mum has passed away from cancer.  He is the best Dad ever  and she loves him so much!

Employee Assistance Program

If your business is looking to support your employees, reduce sickness leave and add value to employment benefits at your business, contact us to talk about how we can provide your Employee Assistance Program.


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Parenting Programs

Being a parent, raising and nurturing a family, is one of the most important jobs you can ever do.  At Bethany, we offer a range of parenting programs that can help you. 

Details about the different parenting programs we offer, including dates and times, are available here.

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Welcome to Bethany

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which our offices stand and we pay our respects to Elders past and present.

We value diversity in the community and work with clients from all sections of the community including Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders.

Those with disabilities and from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (CALD)  are also welcome as well as those who identify as GLBTI.

Here you will find information about the services and programs that can help you, your family or friends. Interpreter services are available to CALD clients.

For information about National Disability Insurance Scheme and Bethany's MYWAY program of services, please click below  MY WAY 

Our services are delivered in the Barwon South West Region, from Lara to Lorne and throughout the Western District, reaching to the South Australian border.

If you are a professional our About Us section contains information about projects and evaluations that we have collaborated on.

This is a great place to work, if you are looking to join us check out our employment section for further details



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