Funding Report

The Bethany Group increased revenue by 13% in 2021 (to $35.4m) with the majority of this increase driven by growth in community service program delivery and government COVID-19 support initiatives.

The primary sources of income for the Group are Federal and State Government grants in addition to fees for service, donations, philanthropic partnerships and other income.

Bethany ensures we maximise the use of our income to provide the best possible services while staying financially viable for the future.  This is reflected in an operating surplus of just over 5% of funding in 2021.

Specific funding growth related to COVID-19 included:

  • Victorian State Government: Free kindergarten for all Victorian families in 2021; PPE/cleaning grants to assist in keeping everyone safe; and increased resourcing at the Barwon Orange Door.
  • Federal Government: Increased emergency relief grants to support families and individuals impacted directly by COVID-19.

Additionally Bethany was successful in securing tenders to deliver the new DFFH Family Preservation and Reunification Response across two regions in Victoria in the second half of 2020, with the full year impact seen in 2021.

Overall, the Bethany Group maintained its strong focus on maximising service delivery and financial sustainability in 2021.

Every child, family and individual deserves opportunities to live their best life.