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Executive Team

Our Executive Team

  • Head shot of Grant Boyd

    Grant Boyd

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Head shot of Bernadette McCartney

    Bernadette McCartney

    Deputy Chief Executive Officer

    Bethany Community Support
  • Head shot of Anneliese Knell

    Anneliese Knell

    Deputy Chief Executive Officer

    Bethany Kindergarten Services

  • Head shot of Sharlene Gillick

    Sharlene Gillick

    Executive Manager

    South West, Housing and Therapeutic Services

  • Head shot of Kathryn Howe

    Kathryn Howe

    Executive Manager

    Practice Development & Family Connections

  • Head shot of Richard Nearn

    Richard Nearn

    Merger Project Director

  • Sarah Barth

    Acting Executive Manager

    Corporate Services

  • Lisa Robinson

    Acting Executive Manager

    Access Support and Family Safety