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Leaving a gift in your Will 

A gift in your Will, no matter the amount, can have a great impact on the future of the community we live in. 

A gift in your Will, whether it be an asset, a monetary amount, or a percentage of your estate, can offer life-changing support to children and families in your community, one that will change their pathways forever.  

Your gift will allow Bethany to continue our work to support our community. It will ensure that vulnerable children, families and individuals will have ongoing access to better opportunities in the future. It will empower Bethany to reach it’s strategic aims towards a community where children have a good start in life, a community where all families are safe, loving and connected, and everyone has an opportunity to participate. 

Your legacy will help us get one step closer to those aims, and will assist Bethany to provide intervention, therapy and support services to look after the most vulnerable people in our community.  

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How to leave a gift in your Will: 

Decide what kind of gift to leave

There are different kinds of gifts you can leave in your Will, however many of our supporters choose to leave a monetary gift in the form of a residuary bequest. Other options include a specified amount of money or an asset, for example real estate, shares, bonds or an item of value. 

Speak to family and loved ones


Let them know of your intentions to leave a gift to Bethany Community Support and ensure they support your decision. 

Seek professional advice


Your Will is an important legal document that must be properly prepared. Ask your solicitor or Trustee Company about the best way to do this and the most appropriate gift for your circumstances. 

Making a Will


To include your chosen gift to Bethany Community Support when you write your Will, provide your solicitor with the following wording: 

“I (insert name here) bequeath to Bethany Community Support ABN 38 633 820 168 of 16 Ballarat Road, Hamlyn Heights in the State of Victoria, for it’s general purposes (insert the percentage or residue of your estate, or the details of your property, shares, bonds or item of value) of my estate or the sum of $(insert dollar amount).  I declare that the receipt of acknowledgment of it’s Chief Executive Officer or other authorised officer will be sufficient to discharge the responsibility of my Executors or Trustees in respect of this bequest.” 

Amending a Will


If you have already written your Will, the easiest way to make a gift to Bethany Community Support Inc. is by adding a codicil – a short legal amendment. This can be organised with a phone call or email to your solicitor, followed by a visit to their office to sign the amendment and complete the codicil. 

Get in touch

If you’re interested in leaving or have already nominated Bethany to receive a gift in your Will, we would be grateful it if you could let us know by contacting our Community Engagement team 

Frequently asked questions about Bequests & Wills

What is a residuary bequest?

A residuary bequest is when you leave a portion or the remainder of your estate to Bethany Community Support Inc after all other bequest and other financial commitments have been honoured. This is a wonderful way to ensure Bethany gets the most help possible, whilst also ensuring your loved ones are taken care of. 


How will my bequest be used?

Every dollar provided to Bethany helps children, families and individuals in our community to:  

  • Build better relationships 
  • Support the education, care and wellbeing of children 
  • Support parents in their parenting role 
  • Support women and children affected by family violence 
  • Assist men who use violence become accountable for their behaviour 
  • Assist people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness 
  • Assist people experiencing financial stress and provide material aid 
  • Help those affected by problem gambling


Can I specify where my bequest is allocated within Bethany’s services of support?

Yes, by contacting Bethany’s Community Engagement team on 03 5278 8122, or via email donations@bethany.org.au we can work with you to best align your gift. We have a wide breadth of services that you may be passionate about supporting.  

Sarah’s story

Sarah and her partner had been in a toxic relationship for over 4 years before she received support from Bethany. During that time she was controlled emotionally, physically and financially. She had little freedom.  

On a daily basis her boundaries were eroded and her confidence vanished. Along with that her relationships she had with friends and family weakened and soon Sarah had no sense of a community. 

An incident which involved the police taking her partner into custody was the catalyst for change. Sarah’s partner was referred to Bethany’s Men’s behaviour change program and she ended their relationship. She escaped years of control.    

The Men’s Behaviour Change Program is a program for adult men who have used violent or controlling behaviors towards women and/or children. 

The Program aims to:

  • Encourage men to take responsibility for their behaviour; 
  • Provide an opportunity for men to explore attitudes and beliefs that may influence their use of violence; 
  • Increase men’s understanding of the impact of their use of family violence on their partners and/or children 
  • Assist men in making changes towards developing safe and respectful relationship with their partners and children 

Sarah acknowledged her partners participation in the program wasn’t easy as his beliefs and behaviors were challenged. However, she shared that “It’s just good that there are programs like these to educate people that it’s not ok to treat their partner/ family that way. And that you are doing that work.’ 


We’re incredibly grateful for every gift we receive and endeavour to thank those who have made the generous decision to include our organisation in their Will. Your details will be held in the strictest of confidence.