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Getting Started

Setting your Fundraiser up

1. Select a fundraising activity 

Once you’ve decided how you would like to fundraise, determine what is required to hold the event. Who needs to be involved, who you will ask to attend, how you will reach and communicate to your audiences, some costs to set everything up…and of course, how much you are hoping to raise.

2. Tell us about it

Before you start any fundraising for Bethany Community Support, please contact us and let us know about your plans. This way we can support you as best as we can with logos and images, but also we may be able to promote on our own marketing materials – we love sharing stories of our wonderful community supporting us!  You can reach our fundraising team at donations@bethany.org.au or call our office on (03) 5278 8122.

3. Decide on how you will collect the money

Online Fundraising Page

 We have set up a page on My Cause to help you set up your event page that you can share with your friends and family. When someone makes a donation to your fundraiser through your page, they will automatically receive a tax-deductible receipt. You will also see a running tally of all your efforts and all the donations will go directly into the Bethany Community Support account.  Click here to set up your fundraiser on Bethany’s My Cause page.

Donation Tins

If you are holding an event as part of your fundraiser, you could place Bethany Community Support fundraising tins around the room to encourage your guests to donate to.  Contact us at donations@bethany.org.au to access tins, or we can send you logo artwork to print and stick on your own customised envelopes etc.

Tickets to an Event

If you are selling tickets to an event and 100% of the proceeds are being donated to Bethany Community Support, you may want to set up a ticketing page on Try Booking or Eventbrite. Tickets and receipts are automatically sent to your guests upon purchase. 

Donate Directly

If you are simply collecting money directly from people, you can donate the funds directly into Bethany Community Support’s bank account or online via our Donate page [link to donate page]. Just make sure you email us to let us know you have made the donation.

Start Fundraising!

Tell your friends! Spread the word far and wide! A great way to get started is by letting your friends and family know about your fundraiser on Facebook and other social media channels. If your fundraiser is an event, you might want to create an event page on Facebook and Invite your friends to join.

Hosting a virtual fundraiser

In the world we’re living in at the moment, it may not always be possible to hold your fundraising event in a face to face environment.  You can still hold one however – virtually! A virtual event is one that takes place online rather than in a physical environment. Here’s how you can set up a virtual fundraiser

1. Choose your fundraising event that is suitable to host online. Here’s some ideas below:

Take on a Challenge

Set up a challenge such as walking, running, cycling, sailing a certain distance, give up something for a month or do something each day for a month – here’s where you can have fun!

Host a movie night

Select your favourite new or classic movie and host a virtual movie night with your friends and family – set up a time, date and send popcorn of course. You could ask for a donation for the amount of a movie ticket.

Hold a virtual morning or afternoon tea

Donate and catch up via one of the video platforms to connect with your friends and family. Your friends could donate the money they would normally spend at a restaurant.

Commemorate a special occasion virtually 

Celebrate and connect with your friends over video and instead of gifts, ask for donations.

2. Let us know

Let Bethany know you are hosting your Fundraiser by contacting us at donations@bethany.org.au

3. Set up your fundraiser

Click here to set up your fundraiser on Bethany’s My Cause page if you need.

4. Raise funds and have fun!

Popular ways to go online with your friends include Zoom, Google Meets, Facetime, Messenger and Houseparty.

If you have an idea you’d like to discuss, need advice or have any questions in regards to fundraising for Bethany Community Support, please contact our Fundraising team donations@bethany.org.au  and we’ll get in contact!

Your Responsibility as a Fundraiser

There are a few things to consider before you begin fundraising. If you need any assistance in working through these, reach out to our fundraising team donations@bethany.org.au and well provide you with the support you may need.  

  • Your fundraising activity should only begin once you have contacted our fundraising department. Only then will permission be provided for the Bethany name and logo to be used on marketing collateral.   
  • You must comply with obligations imposed by the Charitable Fundraising Act and applicable state/territory laws and regulations and must obtain relevant permits, authorities and licences as needed. Bethany Community Support is unable to provide insurance of any kind including public liability for your event and cannot be held responsible for any accident or injury that may result from the activity. 
  • The event will be conducted in the organiser’s name who will be solely responsible for managing the operational and financial components of the fundraiser. 
  • Any promotional material produced for the fundraising activity must clearly state the activity is raising funds to support Bethany as opposed to the activity being a Bethany managed event. 
  • Bethany Community Support reserves the right to terminate its support for the fundraising activity/event at any time if it appears that there is a likelihood of the organiser failing to meet any of the above responsibilities. 


How should I collect donations?

There are a few different ways that you can collect donations. If you wish to collect donations through an online portal we recommend using our Bethany My Cause page. This is an easy, secure way to collect donations and is also a great way to promote your fundraiser online. If you want to collect cash donations on the day of your fundraiser, we recommend collecting all of your donations and donating these funds in one lump sum to the Bethany Community Support bank account via our website: [link to donate page] or through a direct transfer or a cheque donation.  

How can I donate the funds to Bethany Community Support?

You can donate via our online donation portal, or by making a bank transfer, or by cheque.  Please contact us if you would like to make a bank transfer or pay by cheque at donations@bethany.org.au  

Does Bethany Community Support provide tax receipts for donations?

When your supporters donate directly through an online platform like My Cause they will automatically receive a receipt from that platform. If your supporters are donating directly to you and would like a receipt, please collect their names, email address and amount of their donation and provide to Bethany via sending an email to donations@bethany.org.au. We can arrange individual receipts from there.

Does Bethany have a charitable status?

Yes, Bethany Community Support Inc is a registered charity in Australia (ABN 38 633 820 168). We also hold Deductible Gifts Recipients (DGR) status.

Can I fundraise for a specific Bethany Community Support program or cause?

Yes, you can absolutely raise funds for a specific Bethany Community Support program that matches with the main cause you are hoping to support. There are many programs that Bethany runs that:

  • Help build better relationships
  • Support the education, care and wellbeing of children
  • Support parents in their parenting role
  • Support women and children affected by family violence
  • Assist men who use violence become accountable for their behaviour
  • Assist people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness
  • Assist people experiencing financial stress and provide material aid
  • Help those affected by problem gambling
What are some other tips for fundraising?
  1. Get your school or workplace involved. Let your school or workplace know about your fundraiser and make it easy for them to get involved. Something as easy as selling baked goods for a gold coin donation can be really effective.
  2. Ask local businesses for a donation. It may be something as simple as bread for your sausage sizzle, or a voucher for the raffle – every little bit helps. You’ll be surprised at how supportive your community can be.
  3. Set yourself a fundraising goal. Be ambitious! This will get people’s attention and could inspire them to help you out.
  4. Thank your supporters personally. Make this message personal, it could be a text, a Facebook or Instagram shout out, or a simple page mention. This public thank you could motivate others to also give.
Are there any events/activities that can’t be associated with Bethany?

There are some activities/events that Bethany cannot be associated with. We cannot endorse activities that include:

  • Use of weapons, firearms or fireworks
  • Events that promote smoking, drugs or alcohol (including sponsorship of companies that sell these products)
  • Events that promote illicit behavior
  • Any activity or event that demeans women and/or girls
  • Events that encourage gambling
  • Events that demean or disparage any minority group or are racist in nature
Need help with fundraising?

Bethany Community Support is here to help you make the most of your fundraiser. Get in touch for tips, advice and assistance by emailing us at donations@bethany.org.au

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Your Responsibility as a Fundraiser