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Services for people who use violence

You can find support and do things differently

Bethany Community Support helps people who are using violence to make better choices and support people and families experiencing family violence to be safe.

If you are using behaviour that doesn’t feel ok, that doesn’t feel safe, or that makes you uncomfortable in any way, contact Bethany Community Support on 03 5278 8122 during business hours. Outside of business hours, contact the Men’s Referral Service

Bethany Men’s Family Violence Intervention Centre

Our Men’s Family Violence Intervention Centre supports people who choose to use violence in their relationships. We work with you to

  • understand your behaviour and choices you have made within the family
  • take responsibility for your behaviour
  • make changes and stop using violence
  • understand the types of family violence
  • learn strategies that do not include using violence.

Our service can also assist you with: 

  • seeing a lawyer for advice
  • having support in court
  • referrals to specialist services that help with other issues you may have in your life, including poor mental health, drugs, alcohol, homelessness, gambling and unemployment.

Our Centre is informed by cutting-edge research and emerging practice, and provides a coordinated, cross-sector response to people using family violence. We work in close partnership with other family violence services in the region including The Orange Door.

Who it is for

Geelong Region
No Referral required

Services available at the Family Violence Intervention Centre include:

Behaviour Change Group Work

Bethany’s Behaviour Change program address the use of family violence through a gendered lens, and places accountability and responsibility to change on the person choosing to use violence.

The Behaviour Change Program aims to: 

  • Encourage you to take responsibility for your use of family violence.
  • Provide an opportunity for you to explore attitudes and beliefs that may influence your use of violence.
  • Increase your understanding of the impact of your use of family violence on your partner, children and family members.
  • Assist you to make changes that help you develop safe and respectful relationships with your partner, children and family members.

The program is delivered across 27 sessions of group work.

Case Management

Our team also supports people using violence through ongoing case management. We work with you to:

  • Develop an individual program that will connect you into specialist programs to help address  other issues that may intersect with using violence such as alcohol and drugs, mental health and homelessness.
  • Support you to be ready to join a group as part of our Behaviour Change program.

Men’s Behaviour Change– Post Participation Group

MBC Post Participation Group will provide an opportunity for men to continue their journey of change and reinforce behaviour change and accountability as previously explored in the MBC program.

Family Safety Contact

Support is also available for all partners, ex-partners and children of people who use violence through Bethany’s Family Safety Contact program. This program focuses on safety and risk mitigation.

Child Safety
Bethany is committed to providing a child safe environment. We have zero tolerance of any abuse or maltreatment of children. We are committed to ensuring children and young people are able to actively participate in decisions that affect their lives.

How to access this service

Call us on (03) 578 8122 to refer yourself to any service and learn about the options available to you. 

Frequently asked questions

Family violence in Australia

Family violence is prevalent in Australia in all types of intimate relationships. It can happen to anyone, regardless of age, gender, culture, religion, income, education, occupation or other circumstances. Family violence affects people from all walks of life.

Are there costs involved in this program?

This is a free Service. 

Do I need a court order to access this service?

No, anyone can access our service.

Is there a waiting list?

We do sometimes experience periods of high demand however we are always open to new enquiries – please contact us right away if you need support.

What happens if I can’t attend all 27 sessions of the Men’s Behaviour Change program?

Participants are expected to attend the all sessions in order to complete the course.

What happens if I use violence when I’m enrolled in the program?

The facilitators will talk with you about any ongoing use of violence to ensure that those around you are kept safe. 

Can you provide support to my children?

Yes, we will support you as well as your children. 

How do I make a complaint?

Bethany welcomes all feedback about our services – good or bad. If you are unsatisfied with the service you have received, we encourage you to raise your concerns with your case manager as the first port of call if you feel comfortable doing so. If this isn’t appropriate or you’re still unsatisfied you can make a complaint through our website at www.bethany.org.au or by emailing feedback@bethany.org.au. You can also ask to speak with the Family Violence Manager by calling 5278 8122. 

What will Bethany do with my personal information?

We collect your personal information to help us assess your situation and provide you the best possible service. Your information is stored electronically on our secure database and is not shared with anyone else without your consent. 

Further resources

Support for men is also available through:

Your situation is unique, but you don’t need to struggle alone. We are here to help.