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Bethany Community Support assists parents of children under 5 years of age to foster positive change and healthy relationships.

New Parent and Infant Network (NEWPIN)

Bethany’s New Parent and Infant Network (NEWPIN) is a Geelong program for mothers with children aged 0 – 4 years who receive family services support.

The program is designed to encourage:

  • positive relationships between parents and their children
  • healthy, safe environments for children
  • effective parenting skills and setting daily routines
  • play and learning opportunities that suit the children’s age and skills
  • improved social connections for families.

Mothers and their children attend weekly group sessions at Bethany’s Family Centre in Geelong. The sessions and the NEWPIN team also provides individual support and provide visits to meet the needs of each family.

Who it is for

Geelong Region
Parents and children
Referral required

How to access this service

You need a referral from the Orange Door to participate in NEWPIN. Call them on 1800 312 820 and ask to be referred to Bethany’s NEWPIN family services program.

If you are a practitioner who wants to refer someone to The Orange Door, complete the referral form:

  1. Complete referral form: Download PDF or Download Word
  2. Email it to barwon@orangedoor.vic.gov.au

Frequently asked questions

How does NEWPIN work?

NEWPIN groups offer many opportunities for mums and children to play together. Activities are planned specifically for each family. NEWPIN staff support mothers and children in play and with their daily routines during visits to the centre.

As well as group work, parents develop a plan with their NEWPIN worker to set practical, achievable goals for their family. We work together with you to achieve these goals, which might include plans to support your child’s development, parent education, parenting strategies or accessing other services.

Where are NEWPIN sessions and groups held?
NEWPIN sessions and groups are held at Bethany’s Family Centre, right next door to our main office at 16 Ballarat Rd, Hamlyn Heights. The centre is a house that is set up like a home with a very big playroom. The house provides a welcoming, calm and safe space for mothers and their children to enjoy spending time playing and learning together.
Can you help me travel to the centre each week?
If you live in the northern suburbs of Geelong, we can pick you and your children up in our 12-seater bus with child car seats.  If you live outside this area and don’t have your own transport, let us know. We might be able to help. 
How often does my family have to visit the centre for group sessions?

We hold NEWPIN parent and child group sessions at Bethany’s Family Centre in Geelong on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10.00am to 12.45pm. Mothers and children attend at least one of these groups per week. The NEWPIN team is also available to support families Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm, in addition to time spent together during group sessions.

Is NEWPIN like a regular playgroup?

There are similarities – both have play activities for children however NEWPIN is an intensive program that combines group work programs with individual work to support families. NEWPIN staff prepare activities that are specially designed for your children and family.

Staff are present during group sessions to support families with play as well as things like baby settling, meal times and transitions. Everyone at NEWPIN agrees to the values of safety, equity, empathy, respect and self determination – to be non-judgmental and respectful. 

For more information about The Orange Door, visit:

Website: orangedoor.vic.gov.au

Phone: 1800 312 820

Location: 83 Moorabool Street, Geelong

The Orange Door is a free service for adults, children and young people who are experiencing or have experienced family violence and families who need extra support with the care of children.

Bethany is part of the Barwon Child FIRST partnership, which operates from The Orange Door in Geelong.

Your situation is unique, but you don’t need to struggle alone. We are here to help.