Bethany Little Things Appeal 2021

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a world of difference.

It’s easy for us to assume that the people around us are all living with the same resources we have. That buying a ticket to a see a movie, paying for your children to go on a school excursion or buying a coffee at your local cafe is just something you do without thinking. But it isn’t always true.

Some people in our community are missing out

There are people in our community who are missing out on all of the little things in life that can help enrich their lives and improve their overall wellbeing. They may be struggling financially or overcoming a vulnerable time in their lives.

At Bethany Community Support, we believe no one should be missing out – especially when going through hard times. We’ve been supporting Greater Geelong and Warrnambool’s communities for more than 150 years, and are trying our hardest to make those little things happen.

Donate to the Little Things Appeal to make someone’s day

Your donation will help us provide practical yet life enriching little things – that can make a world of difference to someone doing it tough at the moment.

Donate by June 30 will support people who are missing out the little things that enrich all of our lives and wellbeing. These are things we can take for granted – buying lunch from a cafe, taking children on excursions, hosting a party and affording gifts for a loved one.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

When you select ‘donate’, you’ll be directed to our fundraising platform MyCause.

Can your business donate?

Your business can support the Bethany Little Things Appeal. You can create create your business’ own community fundraising page in support of our appeal.

With your own appeal page, you can see how much your staff, customers and community have contributed to our overall appeal.

It’s simple to set up your page – you only need your name and an email address to get started.