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17 – 21 Palmerston Street,

Drysdale, VIC, 3222


At Drysdale Preschool, we believe that play is children’s work.  

About Drysdale Preschool

Drysdale Preschool is a welcoming, community place, our aim is to create a warm, safe and secure environment where children feel supported and have fun.  

We recently moved into the brand-new, purpose-built Bella Wiyn Birralee Family Centre on Palmerston Street, Drysdale. Bella Wiyn Birralee means “Bellarine Children” in the local Wadawarrung language. 

We are so proud of our beautiful facilities, our indoor and outdoor play areas provide the perfect setting for creativity, discovery and play. 

At Drysdale Preschool we believe all children are competent and capable learners. Our wonderful educators acknowledge each child’s individual interests, strengths and abilities, allowing them to be co-contributors in their learning. 

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We respect families as the children’s first educators and build on family’s knowledge of their children, recognising and responding to their specific and diverse needs. 

We aim to include families, the local community and services in learning activities, and engage with them to support children’s learning and development at home and in the community. 

Our wonderful educators regularly reflect on their practice and remain current in early childhood theory and practice; to be active participators in continuing professional development to ensure that the learning of the children is effective. 

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“Evie is in her element with preschool, every time we mention “you have kinder tomorrow” her whole face lights up with excitement.” 

“Sara absolutely loved Drysdale Preschool from the moment she started.  Having come from another kinder and seeing another 4 year old program, Drysdale really is exceptional in so many ways!  

The teachers are so wonderful, caring and interested in every child and we truly feel very lucky to have Sara involved and experiencing and learning in such an amazing environment.”

“Thank you all for a wonderful year so far. You’ve managed a challenging year very well. Piper’s desire to attend is a testament to you all.” 

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Julie, Kate, Pauline, Kristy, Lisa and Mel


17- 21 Palmerston St, Drysdale VIC 3222


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