Supervised contact services

After a separation, families can arrange for their children to spend time with both parents. These arrangements are known as ‘contact visits’.  

Sometimes, parents need some support to maintain a healthy, safe environment for all family members during contact visits. Using a supervised contact visit service is one way that parents and guardians can access this kind of support.  

During a supervised contact visit, Bethany supervision staff are present at all times and work with the non-residential parent and the children to maintain and build their relationship through play, dialogue and positive interactions. 

Supervised contact visits happen regularly and usually last for about two hours. Families can also make other arrangements for contact visits depending on their circumstances. 

Bethany’s services

Bethany Community Services provides two kinds of contact visit services – a government-funded Children’s Contact Service (CCS) and a fee-for-service Family Engagement Service (FES). 

The main differences between the two services are cost, availability of contact visitation times and how long you can use the services for.  

All visits happen in a safe space with supportive people on hand to help where needed. Our independent, neutral venues and experienced team support parents foster positive relationships with their children and work towards managing contact visits independently in the future.

Children’s Contact Services 

  • Partially government-funded. Each parent pays between $5.00 and $50.00 per session. 
  • Has a greater demand and longer wait list due to the reduced fees which are offset by government funding. 
  • To use the service both parents must agree to the program guidelines. 
  • Children must be 12 years or younger as a single child or 14 years and under with younger siblings 
  • Read our brochure and guidelines for parents and guardians for more details.

Family Engagement Service  

  • This is a fee-for-service program and does not receive any government funding. 
  • Often has availability for parents to begin supervised contact visit quickly as there are shorter waitlist due to the full fee paying component of the service 
  • To use the service both parents must agree to the program guidelines. 
  • Children must be 12 years or younger as a single child or 14 years and under with younger siblings  
  • Read our brochure and guidelines for parents and guardians for more details. 

What you can expect from our service:

  • A family-focused environment 
  • An established centre with appropriate toys, games and equipment 
  • Trained, experienced and professional staff 
  • Established safety and security procedures 
  • Privacy and confidentiality 
  • Support to move towards managing visits yourself 
  • Information, advice and referrals regarding other services that are there to support parents and children 

Find out more:

Bethany’s supervised contact services: information and guidelines for parents and guardians 

Bethany’s supervised contact services: short brochure

How to access this service

Family members, lawyers or community agency workers can call Bethany Supervised Contact Services for information and application forms on (03) 5278 8122 

Both parents need to complete an application form and further information may need to be obtained from other professionals as part of the Intake Assessment Process. 

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