Connect Up

Connect Up – for parents, carers and children.

Bethany Community Support offers assistance to parents, carers and their children aged 0-12 years through the Connect Up program. The service is delivered at local schools, kindergartens and other community settings. 

Services offered as part of Connect Up include:

  • Family support: Providing families with individualised help to build confidence and skills to manage parenting challenges. 
  • Linking and referrals: Supporting families to navigate and access the service system, including kindergarten-to-prep transitions, health referrals and other support services.
  • Supported playgroups: An opportunity for parents and caregivers with preschool aged children to interact with one another in an inclusive, safe environment.
  • Parenting education and engagement groups: A place where parents and caregivers can meet within their local community to discuss topics of interest and facilitate parenting group work programs.
  • Secondary consultations: Support for education and wellbeing staff to help them best meet each family’s needs.

Where can I access Connect Up services?

Connect Up workers provide services at locations around Geelong.

Primary schools:

Hendy P-8 Campus: 38 Hendy St, Corio

Peakcock P-8 Campus: 31/33 Peacock Ave, Norlane

Tallis P-8 Campus: 57 Tallis St, Norlane

Wexford P-8 Campus: 1 Wexford St, Corio

Early learning centres:


  • Bell Park Kindergarten: 10 – 12 Barton St, Bell Park
  • Bell Post Hill Kindergarten: 58 Ernest Street, Bell Post Hill 
  • Breakwater Kindergarten: 201 St Albans Road, East Geelong
  • Grovedale Kindergarten: 81 Heyers Road, Grovedale
  • Kirralee Kindergarten: 53 Richard St, Newcomb
  • Lara Kindergarten: 10-12 Waverley Road, Lara
  • Drysdale Preschool: 17 Palmerston Street, Drysdale
  • Herne Hill Kindergarten: 2-24 Gwynne Street, Hamlyn Heights
  • Portarlington Preschool: 88 Newcombe Street, Portarlington
  • Ocean Grove Woodlands Kindergarten: 15 Wyatt Street, Ocean Grove
  • William Hovell Kindergarten: 28 Hendy St, Corio

How to access this service

There are several ways you can access Connect Up:

  • Call Bethany Community Support on (03) 5278 8122 and speak to a member of our team
  • Call the Barwon Orange Door on 1800 312 820
  • Visit one of the locations that host Connect Up services in person to find out more.


  • How long can I access the Connect Up program?

Our Connect Up program offers a range of services. Families can be involved in one or many of these. Each family chooses how long they would like to be connected to the program. This might be a few hours, several months, or longer – it depends on the activities you choose and your family’s needs and goals.

  • Is my family eligible for Connect Up?

The Connect Up program is available to all families with children aged 0 – 12 years who are part of a community where a Connect Up worker is located.

  • Can you help link me with other services?

Yes, Connect Up workers can help identify other services that may be useful for you. We can also help you contact and connect with other services and make introductions.

  • How can I be involved with a supported playgroup?

Please visit our Supported Playgroups page for more information.