Family Preservation and Reunification Response

Bethany Community Support helps families as part of the government’s Victorian and Aboriginal Family Preservation and Reunification Response. The response is a referral-only program that supports families with children at risk of being placed into care services, or with children who have recently entered out-of-home care.

Our team supports families to create and maintain a safe environment for children. We aim to assist families in crisis and help children stay at home and out of external care arrangements, if possible.

We provide one-on-one mentoring for parents to learn effective parenting skills. We connect parents with other services they need such as family violence counselling, mental health support, and drug and alcohol support.

Once families are connected to the program, we tailor rapid and intensive support to their needs. This includes regular contact and in-home visits.

Bethany delivers the program in partnership with other specialist support agencies to families in the Barwon and South West areas. Our work with Aboriginal families is delivered in partnership with local Aboriginal organisations.

The Victorian Family Preservation and Reunification Response is funded by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services until June 2023.

How to access this service

Families must be referred by Child Protection to Victorian Family Preservation and Reunification Response services. Speak to your child protection worker if you are interested in this program.

If you do not have a child protection worker, contact the Orange Door or Child FIRST to discuss your needs and they will support you to access the most appropriate service. You don’t need a referral to contact these services and they are free.

Geelong/Barwon region: Orange Door on 1800 312 820 

Warrnambool/South west region: Child FIRST on 1300 543 779