Geelong Giving Tree Appeal 2021

At Christmas, you can share joy with our community members who need it more than ever. We’ve all been impacted by the pandemic, but there are families and people in our community who’ve faced their most significant hardships.

From Monday 15 November, you can donate to the Geelong Giving Tree Appeal.

The Geelong Giving Tree Appeal is run by Bethany Community Support and bay 93.9, in partnership with Barwon Child, Youth and Family and The Sexual Assault & Family Violence Centre.

Your donation will be exchanged for gift cards and given to a family or individual nominated by local community support organisations.

Your donation could

be the reason children have presents to find on Christmas morning

give a single parent their first Christmas present in years

put food on the table for a family in need

Can you change Christmas for someone like Emma?

All single mother Emma* wants this Christmas is to provide a magical day for her toddler who has autism.

Last Christmas she and her son had just moved into transitional housing after spending more than a month living in a hotel.

“Christmas last year wasn’t like I wanted it to be. It’s his birthday and Christmas at the same time so I only got a couple of things for him. But this year I want to make it up to him.”

With the help of the Geelong Giving Tree Appeal, Emma and other vulnerable people can have their hopes of a better Christmas for their families realised.

For Emma, having extra financial support at Christmas time empowers her to provide for her family.

Lockdowns and restrictions have meant Emma’s autistic son has not been able to attend his usual therapies. She said as a result her toddler’s communication is still developing and he has special needs.

“Being autistic there are certain types of toys that are appropriate. I know what he likes and with the gift cards I’ll easily be able to go out and get it as I know what he will enjoy,” Emma said.

“He definitely deserves a good Christmas, he relies on me for everything.”

*Emma’s name has been changed to protect her privacy.

How you can share joy with your community this Christmas

Run a fundraiser at your business, school, or community group, and donate to the Geelong Giving Tree Appeal between 15 November and 7 December.

You can also tune into bay 93.9 on Tuesday 7 December and donate during our Giving Day.

If you want to know more about how your business or organisation can support the appeal, email

Share the joy of giving and donate to the Geelong Giving Tree Appeal.

Download the Geelong Giving Tree marketing toolkit. This marketing toolkit includes suggestions on internal and external communication platforms your organisation may use to promote the Geelong Giving Tree Appeal.