Leaving a Gift in your Will

A Gift in your Will, no matter the amount, can have a great impact on the future of the community we live in.

A Gift in your Will, whether it be an asset, a monetary amount, or a percentage of your estate, can offer life-changing support to children and families in your community, one that will change their pathways forever.

Your Gift will allow Bethany to continue our work to support our community. It will ensure that vulnerable children, families and individuals will have ongoing access to better opportunities in the future. It will empower Bethany to reach it’s strategic aims towards a community where children have a good start in life, a community where all families are safe, loving and connected, and everyone in our community has an opportunity to participate.

Your legacy will help us get one step closer to those aims, and will help Bethany Community Support provide intervention, therapy and support services to look after the most vulnerable people in our community.

If you would like to leave a Gift in your Will, please call us on 03 5278 8122, or email to donations@bethany.org.au and we can answer any questions you might have.