New Parent and Infant Network (NEWPIN)

Bethany Community Support assists parents of children under 5 years of age to foster positive change and healthy relationships.

Bethany’s New Parent and Infant Network (NEWPIN) is a Geelong program for mothers with children aged 0 – 4 years who receive family services support.

The program is designed to encourage:

  • positive relationships between parents and their children
  • healthy, safe environments for children
  • effective parenting skills and setting daily routines
  • play and learning opportunities that suit the children’s age and skills
  • improved social connections for families.

Mothers and their children attend weekly group sessions for 12 months or more at Bethany’s family centre in Geelong. The sessions and The NEWPIN team also provides individual support and provide visits to meet the needs of each family.

How to access this service

You need a referral from the Orange Door to participate in NEWPIN. Call them on 1800 312 820 and ask to be referred to Bethany’s family services program.

If you are a practitioner who wants to refer someone to The Orange Door, complete the referral form:

  1. Complete referral form: Download PDF or Download Word
  2. Email it to

For more information about The Orange Door, visit:


Phone: 1800 312 820