Parenting Programs for Kindergarten Families

We support an inclusive environment where people of all genders and ages, people living with a disability, First Nations people and people from LGBTI and CALD communities feel empowered to share their experiences and ideas; knowing that these will be valued and respected. Our staff are well-informed and sensitive to lived experiences. They understand the complexities and challenges people face when accessing services. We are committed to working with you to understand your needs.

Bethany offers parenting and therapeutic group work to individuals and families, designed to support positive family relationships, improve parenting capacity and support children’s development. Bethany recognises the essential role parents play towards the wellbeing of their child, and the development of their identity and capacity to learn and thrive.

The parenting programs delivered by Bethany aim to:

  • Build better family communication and healthy relationships
  • Increase parent’s understanding of child development stages
  • Improve child confidence and motivation
  • Promote child and parent emotional regulation.

All programs will be delivered on-site at the kindergarten or an agreed designated community location, enabling families to actively participate within their community and access help when and where they need it. Programs are delivered weekly and in a group format. The program schedule and length varies with each course. The course delivery can be adapted to meet the needs of the local community. Remote and digital learning options are available.

The following parenting programs are available for kindergartens to purchase:

  • Bringing Up Great Kids
  • Tuning in to Kids
  • Circle of Security- Parenting 
Bringing Up Great Kids

6 week parenting program to build respectful, caring and loving parent-child relationships.

The program can help parents to:

  • Gain insights to their child’s emotional development and the importance of connecting in a loving
  • Develop strategies to be a reflective (not reactive) parent
  • Understand the meaning of their child’s behaviour
  • Learn about their parenting style and how it can be more effective
  • Focus on communicating to support their child’s positive self-identity.

The program is delivered 6 x 2 hour weekly sessions during school terms.

Cost:$4839.70 plus GST

Tuning in to Kids

6 week parenting program to develop children’s emotions and support healthy development.

The program can help parents to:

  • Tune in to your child’s emotions
  • Help your child to manage their emotions
  • Learn new strategies to manage tricky parenting moments
  • Create opportunities to connect with your child.

The program is delivered 6 x 2 hour weekly sessions during school terms.

Cost: $4839.70 plus GST

Circle of Security – Parenting

8 week parenting program to strengthen the parent and child relationship and build loving secure attachments.

The program can help parents to:

  • Respond to their child’s needs
  • Understand and support their child’s feelings
  • Deal with challenges in responding to their child’s needs
  • Build a loving and secure relationship with their child.

The program is delivered 8 x 1.5 hour weekly sessions during school terms.

Cost: $5078.75 plus GST

The parenting programs are available for kindergarten families with eligible School Readiness Funding and are available in the following areas:

  • Borough of Queenscliffe
  • Colac Otway Shire
  • Golden Plains Shire
  • Greater Geelong City
  • Surf Coast Shire
  • Warrnambool City.

For more information about this program contact:

Ph: 03 5278 8122