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Staff Profile – Raelene Carr
Headshot of staff member Raelene Carr

Bethany Kindergarten Services educator Raelene Carr understands the impact a good teacher can have on a child’s life.

Raelene is an educator at William Hovel Preschool in Corio, where she has taught for the past 23 years.

“I have worked at William Hovell since late last century – 1998 to be exact,” Raelene said.

“I just love working with children.  I am blessed to have made so many friends with both children and families over the years,” she said.

“And to be invited to milestone birthdays, eighteenths and twenty firsts, is truly an honor.”

For Raelene though the mark of a good teacher goes further than creating friendships, it’s the impact of lessons learned and how a teacher’s influence can shape a child that means the most to her.

In 2017 BKS adopted an anti-bias curriculum that allows kindergarten educators to challenge unconscious bias and remove stereotypes that influence the way children develop and engage.

Raelene said one of the benefits of teaching an anti-bias curriculum is it helps all children feel accepted and valued.

“Children will also learn how to call out bias and stand up for a better society moving forward,” she said.

“For example, two girls recently were dressed as fire fighters,” Raelene explains.

“One says ‘look Raelene I am a fireman’, the other child said “you’re a girl you can’t be a fireman – you have to be a fire girl’ ” 

“I intervened in the conversation and suggested maybe they could be called firefighters?” “Yes they both agreed ‘then it doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl’”.

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