Bethany Superhero Awards 2021

The Bethany Superhero Awards aim to engage and educate primary school aged children about the importance of respectful, caring relationships and how to identify positive role models in their lives.

From Monday 10 May – Friday 28 May, primary school aged children were asked to nominate someone in their lives who they through displayed the traits of a superhero – someone who shows courage, kindness, respect, strength and keeps them safe – their everyday superhero.

Their special person could be a family member, friend, teacher, coach, or someone in their community, and children were asked to draw or paint a picture, write a story or upload a video as their nomination form.

From more than 300 nominations from schools in Greater Geelong and Warrnambool, twelve finalist entries were selected. Click here to view our twelve finalists.

On Thursday 15 July we hosted the 2021 Bethany Superhero Awards event at Geelong Regional Libraries, inviting our finalists, their families and teaching staff, and of course their nominated superheroes.

And our winners this year are:

Superhero of the Year Award winner: Maddie Rentsch and Finn Rentsch

Teaches, coaches & community category award winner: Gareth Colliton, nominated by his art student Hugh Adams.

Family & friends category award winner: Betty Sannos, nominated by her niece, Electra Zavitsanos

Thank you to Olivia Molly Rogers who hosted the event, and for all other entrants, schools, sponsors and partners for helping us to run the 2021 Bethany Superhero Awards.

Thanks to our community partners.