Purpose, Values & Strategic Aims

Our mission is to work together to meet the changing needs and aspirations of people in their communities. 

Bethany Group’s operational values

Courage – We take action and stand up for what we believe

Respect – We value people and build upon their strengths

Integrity – We are open, fair and just in everything we do

Innovation – We develop new ways of working to make a difference

Collaboration – We work together to improve outcomes

Bethany Group’s strategic aims

Our 2020-2025 strategy has three main aims, that:

1. children have a good start in life 
2. families are safe, loving and connected 
3. there is opportunity for everyone  

We strive to meet our strategic aims by embedding six priorities in the way we operate and govern ourselves. This helps us ensure our services are safe, effective, connected and person-led.

Download a PDF copy of Bethany Group’s 2020-2025 Strategic Plan overview