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Gambler’s Help: Gambling harm education and venue support training

Community education and support about gambling harm

Gambling can be very damaging – to individuals, families and communities. At Bethany Community Support we work with communities, schools, venues and policymakers to reduce the risk of harm.

If you’re concerned about your gambling or about someone close to you, visit our Gambler’s Help page.

Who it is for

Geelong Region, Warnambool Region, Horsham Region
Individuals & Families
No Referral required

Community education

Bethany runs community education programs to: 

  • help people to understand the risks of gambling
  • support people to take steps to reduce the impacts of their gambling
  • link people with support services like counselling and financial counselling.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a cost involved in booking a community gambling education program?

No, there is no cost involved. All of our programs are free.  

Can Bethany design a professional development program on gambling awareness for my organisation or business?

Yes. We can design a design professional development that suits your organisation’s needs, with practical resources and pathways to support services. 

Can Bethany assist my organisation with gambling harm policy development?

Yes, we can assist in developing a policy tailored to your needs. 

Are there opportunities to collaborate with other organisations across Barwon and the Great South Coast region?

Yes, Bethany’s community engagement team can collaborate on projects associated in a variety of areas, including youth, low socio-economic and disadvantaged communities, and family violence. Reach out to us if you would like to chat further about an opportunity.  

Secondary school education program

We work in secondary schools to provide education about gambling and gambling-related harm for:

  • students in Years 10 to 12
  • teaching and welfare staff
  • parents and carers
  • Our school education programs also include staff professional development programs.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a cost involved for schools to book and have a presentation delivered?

There is no cost involved, our programs are free.  

Are presentations delivered online or face-to-face?

All presentations can be delivered face-to-face (COVID-19 restrictions permitting) or online via any platforms used by your organisation including Zoom, Skype and Teams. 

How will a gambling harm presentation benefit my school?

Students, teaching and wellbeing staff will be more aware of the risks and harms associated with gambling. They’ll also learn how to find and access support services like telephone hotlines, online forums and counselling.  

Venue support training

We work with gaming venue staff and management to develop and maintain responsible gambling environments. We provide two kinds of training: 

  • Venue support training: training and educating venue staff, tailored to suit your individual venue, including free staff professional development opportunities. 
  • Responsible Service of Gaming training: supporting gaming venues to meet and exceed the requirements of industry Responsible Gambling Codes of Conduct. 

Frequently asked questions

Do venues have to pay for the training?

No, venue support training is a free service.  

Can Responsible Service of Gambling and venue support training modules be delivered online or face to face?

All presentations can be delivered face-to-face (COVID-19 restrictions permitting) or online via any platforms used by your organisation including Zoom, Skype and Teams. 

What are some of the modules covered in venue support training?

Venue Support Program training (VSP) includes the following modules: 

  • Module 1  – Gambler’s Help Services Overview 
  • Module 2  – Observable Signs 
  • Module 3  – Responding to Signs of Distress 
  • Module 4  – Code of Conduct 
  • Module 5  – Responsible Gambling Documentation 
  • Module 6  – Self-Exclusion 
  • Module 7  – EGM Operations 
  • Module 8  – Drug Affected Patrons 
  • Module 9  – Your Play 
  • Module 10 – Gambling & Mental Health 
  • Module 11 – Self Care 
  • Module 12 – GRV Gambling & Workplace Harm Reduction 
  • Module 13 – Cash Please – Money Seeking 
  • Module 14 – Elder Abuse 

These modules are in addition to modules included as part of the standard Responsible Service of Gaming certification. 

How to access this service

For more information or to book into one of our gambler’s help programs for your community, school or venue:

Further resources

Download Bethany’s Gambler’s Help toolkit

Download Bethany’s Property Managers toolkit

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

School Program and Venue Support Programs are funded by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

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