Gambler’s Help and Financial Literacy services (Geelong & Colac regions)

We support an inclusive environment where people of all genders and ages, people living with a disability, First Nations people and people from LGBTI and CALD communities feel empowered to share their experiences and ideas; knowing that these will be valued and respected. Our staff are well-informed and sensitive to lived experiences. They understand the complexities and challenges people face when accessing services. We are committed to working with you to understand your needs.

Gambler’s Help

When gambling is no longer fun or entertaining, it can signal a serious and stressful issue. Gambling can become a problem not only for the person gambling, but for the people around them, such as family, friends and work colleagues.

If your gambling habits, or those of someone you know, have become a problem, there are steps you can take to address the issue. Bethany Community Support staff will work with you to reduce the impact of problem gambling and develop strategies to prevent further harm.

Bethany provides:

  • Counselling for people experiencing problem gambling
  • Counselling for those who are affected by someone else’s problem gambling
  • Financial counselling to help you better manage your finances
  • Information sessions for individuals, couples, families and friends who are concerned about the impacts of gambling. Find out more about these sessions by downloading the following fliers:
  • These services are free
  • Counselling is confidential
  • Call us on (03) 5278 8122 or fill out this form to find out how we can help you

More gambler’s help information and resources:

Call the Gambler’s Help 24 hour helpline on: 1800 858 858.

Visit the Gambling Help Online website for counselling and support services.

The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation provides a range of support services.

Venue support

Bethany staff visit gambling venues in the region to provide training for staff, and to act as a link between gaming venues and counselling and support services.

Community education

Bethany works closely with a wide range of community groups, including schools and sporting groups, providing education about how to recognise and help problem gamblers.

  • For more information, call us on (03) 5278 8122