Our stories of impact

How Sally escaped family violence during lockdowns

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sally and her infant son James were experiencing the frightening intensity of a violent relationship and a lockdown.  

A place to call home

By the time Andrea and Matt were expecting their first child, things were taking a turn for the worse. Their relationship had become physically violent.

Building meaningful relationships after separation

Despite the family’s volatile situation, Ned’s mother wanted her children to have a relationship with their father.  

Regaining control of her finances got Emma's life back on track

Emma’s life was spiralling. Having fled a violent relationship, mother of six, Emma, was unwell and struggling to make ends meet. 

Breaking stereotypes early in life

A classroom discussion about careers highlighted that gender bias was influencing the way the children see themselves and their world.

How James and Tom found their 'forever family'

James and Tom had not experienced a positive start in life. They had been exposed to family violence and eventually placed in the care of their grandparents. 

Every child, family and individual deserves opportunities to live their best life.